30th anniversary edition

Linnenberg High End Audio

 - established in 1994 -

VV30 preamp
  • VV30 is an analogue preamplifier for all common signal sources, be it digital (due to the inbuild D-A-converter), analogue, symmetrical (balanced) or single-ended. Signal processing inside the VV30 is strictly balanced, making it the ideal control center for a fully balanced audio system. The high and stable output drive enables long cable runs to the power amplifier with zero phase-shift across the entire frequency spectrum.
  • 3x analogue, 4x digital inputs, 2x outputs
  • Balance adjust and DAC-filter selection with the supplied remote control
  • The volume control circuit is simultaneously fully symmetrical and VHF suitable, since the characteristic impedance of the attenuation ladder arrangement matches the characteristic impedance of the microstrip differential signal pair used in the entire amplifier. Therefore, the sound of the VV30 remains exactly the same, no matter what volume is set.
  • By keeping our recipe and refining the ingredients, digital to analogue conversion is carried out by the ES9038 PRO, incorporating innovative circuits delivering spectacular music free from annoying artefacts. 4x balanced 32-bit D/A converter per channel pass over audio to our proprietary discrete analogue circuits. A novelty at LINNENBERG AUDIO: the DAC board is upgradeable at any time should this be necessary or making sense.
  • Compact dimensions; 260 x 170 x 310mm (W x H x D); various RAL colors available.
PH30 phonostage
  • The PH30 uses a fully discrete JFET input suitable for low output MC systems. This was made possible by using hand-picked JFETs designed for very demanding applications.
  • 3x inputs, freely configurable for MM and MC cartridges.
  • Easy to read display and user-friendly menu for setting the various cartridge parameters. With the supplied remote control, you have everything in the palm of your hand.
  • 13x different resistor values from 30 Ohm to 47kOhm and 8x different capacitor values from 50pF to 420pF to choose from
  • Consistent gain (50/60/70 dB) and sound quality on both XLR and RCA outputs because the RCA output is not derived from the “hot” pin of the XLR output. This is especially important for those who only use the Cinch (RCA) outputs.
  • Compact design; 260 x 170 x 310mm (W x H x D); various RAL colors available.
ES30 mono power-amplifier
  • coming soon!
  • The ES30 has a fully symmetrical architecture, so two tightly coupled amplifiers are used, one driving the speaker+ terminal and one driving the speaker- terminal. A third amplifier provides a virtual ground. While this triples the cost, it relieves the circuit ground of carrying the speaker return currents, resulting in an extremely clean ground potential. We name this architecture: SYMTONE
  • 1.5kW power supply
  • 24x selected 15A, 200W bipolar output transistors, 6x selected 25A bipolar transistors in virtual ground amplifier
  • High output power: 250W@8Ohms, 500W@4Ohms and 1000W@2Ohms
  • Ultra low noise and low distortion; 127dB(A) signal-to-noise ratio, THD+N < 0.001%
  • Compact design; 260 x 210 x 400mm (W x H x D); various RAL colors available.

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