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Analogue preamplifier & elaborate digital-to-analogue-converter


Perfect symmetry - ultimate harmony

Analogue preamplifier

G.P. TELEMANN (GPT) is a crème de la crème analogue preamplifier for all common signal sources, be it digital (due to the inbuild D-A-converter), analogue, symmetrical (balanced) or single-ended. Signal processing inside the GPT is strictly balanced, making it the ideal control centre for a fully balanced audio system. The high and stable output drive enables long cable runs to the power amplifier with zero phase-shift across the entire frequency spectrum.

Volume control

Controlling the volume is one of the most trivial and at the same time most demanding tasks in audio engineering. The circuit is fully symmetrical and high frequency capable at the same time. For this reason the characteristic impedance of the attenuating ladder arrangement matches the impedance Z of the microstrip differential signal pair used throughout the GPT.

Fast transient response – ultra wide bandwidth

The rise time for a 2 V step is only 35 ns. It's incredibly fast. 2V is almost all it takes to get full output from a downstream power amplifier. Bandwidth corresponds to speed and vice versa. In this case it is a whopping 3.5 MHz. So GPT is really ultra-broadband, 175 times more than audio bandwidth. Some may view this as technical overkill, but it is not ! The result is increased transparency, less grain and more music.


By keeping the recipe and refining the ingredients, digital to analogue conversion is carried out by the ES9038 PRO, incorporating innovative circuits delivering spectacular music free from annoying artefacts. 4x balanced 32-bit D/A converter per channel pass over audio to our proprietary discrete analogue circuits.