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    ALLEGRO delivers the superiority and authority of a linear class AB amplifier - even in demanding applications. It features high current capability and operating speed not to be found in IC-amplifiers aka “gain-clone” or any class D design. Clever construction techniques enabled us to build an amplifier with high packing density, consequently making the signal and power paths extremely short. So, don’t be fooled by the tender look – it is part of the concept to get big sound. In fact, creating circuits with unrivalled speed and response time is amongst other things a matter of physical closeness of electronic parts. The higher the frequency, the more it is important to reduce every millimeter of board trace.


    It is the fast transient ability and ultra wide band (1MHz unfiltered) approach that let you hear the room, the ambience of the sound recording. Matching phase coherent speakers assumed, a pair of ALLEGRO amplifiers will deliver a perfectly executed soundstage. Furthermore, our concept has an order of magnitude lower distortion than competitors in the market. Distortion masks the integrity of the music, because it adds spectral components which weren’t there previously.

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